‘World’s first’ dog-friendly cinema serving Scooby snacks for pets and owners

It’s taking the term ‘dog-friendly’ to a whole new level – a cinema allowing pups to join their owners for a heart-warming cinema date, and canine-themed movie. Ducie Street Warehouse in Manchester hosts ‘Pawpcorn’ nights every Monday with pooches invited as special guests, but of course, their ‘hoomans’ are welcome along too. Four-legged classics shown on the big screen so far include Lassie, Cruella, The Fox and the Hound and Beethoven.

The thirty-six-seater ‘Mini Cini’, which claims to be the first of its kind in the UK, features lower sound levels, to take into consideration a dog’s sensitive hearing, stronger lighting and even regular toilet breaks in order to make dogs and their owners as comfortable as possible. Last week there was even a special free screening of Scooby Doo to celebrate International Dog Day. The show came complete with a whole array of canine-tailored ‘scooby-snacks’ as well as treats for their owners too.

Events Manager, Nathan Wrigglesworth, 27, said: “People love to treat their dogs as a member of their family now and take them to a very “human” experience. So we wanted to make an event just for dogs and their owners.

“People don’t just want to take dogs on walks anymore – they want to involve them in their whole life. I’ve seen people take their dogs out for drinks and dinner – that’s the way the world is going.”

Nathan, from Manchester, added: “Only humans get seats – depending on how big they are, some dogs will sit on their laps or on the floor. Most of them are off their leash, running around saying hello to each other. Whether the dogs are actually watching the film – that is still up for a debate.”

But they take special care to keep things upbeat and PG. “Dogs just love to see something like themselves on the screen, but we can’t show anything where an animal dies,” Nathan explains. “That means I am Legend and Marley and Me are off the cards. When we do eventually run out of movies with dogs in, we might have to start looking at other animal-themed films.”

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How can I help my dog stay relaxed at the vet?

If your dog associates the vet’s clinic with tasty treats and good things happening, then he’s less likely to worry about it. Speak to your vet team, as they may offer appointments specifically to provide dogs the opportunity to come along and explore. This might include sniffing around the clinic room, having some treats, getting on and off the scales, and meeting some of the staff – all in an enjoyable, relaxed way.

You could also ask when it’s likely to be quieter and pop along as part of your normal walkies, just for a sniff around and a treat from the team.

Try to book appointments at the least busy times.

Take his favourite toy and blanket to help him settle in the waiting area. Try to sit well away from the door and encourage your dog to focus on you, so he avoids making eye contact with other dogs. In the examination room, remember you are your dog’s best friend, and he is relying on you to speak up for him. By paying attention to his body language, you can help him have a positive experience.

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A paralysed tabby cat who wears a nappy and can’t use her back legs has gone viral on Instagram, with her most-viewed video racking up 73.7 million views. Aoife, the 2-year-old kitty from California has “stolen the hearts of millions of people” after her owner Sabrina de Matteo shared a video of her attempting to run up the stairs for snacks. Sabrina, along with husband James, rescued Aoife at just 2 weeks old during the pandemic in November 2020. Sabrina says she wants her videos to show that a disabled cat can live a quality life. Aoife’s popularity online has gained her 60,000 followers on Instagram.